Johanna Hassan

From an early age Johanna Hassan has always pondered on existential questions of the self. She also has sought ways to make her world more romantic and magical. Through her photographs, Johanna has explored the notions of the "self", and captures the true essence of each person and highlights the special attributes that each individual possess. She has an eye for the abstract, breathing life and bringing out the beauty in the most simple of things. Every image tells a story, and leads you into her world, where imagination runs free. She is often the canvas for her work, demonstrating the level of introspection characteristic of an artist and creator. Her ability to be so imaginative, is almost childlike, and in that sense, it is limitless and full of life. In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” As she grows and matures, she keeps that part of her intact and it shows in her work and her eye for the world.

Raised in Miami, Johanna was involved in capturing the art and music scene of Miami, through the nonprofit organization More Than Art Group. In 2011 she moved to New York for school, where she gained experience portraiture through freelancing. Currently, Johanna is studying Art History at Rutgers University.



Revista Acentos Latinos, number 16, year XI,  May 2015.         Cover photo and inside photographs

Revista Acentos Latinos, number 17, year XI, May 2015.          Cover photo and inside photographs

Blindfold Magazine.  August 2012 Issue                                     Photo Essay: New York City Goes Green

Blindfold Magazine .June 2012 Issue                                    Featured portrait


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